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Your Perspective

We understand there is more to you than just how much to allocate to stocks or what is the right amount of insurance. Our process is designed to provide “Wealth Management from your perspective”. We want to understand our client’s objectives thoroughly, everyone wants to retire or ensure their family is taken care of but there is more to it than that. There are many important factors advisors should be considering including:

When you retire - What kind of lifestyle do you expect in retirement – travel, move somewhere warm, spend more time with children or grandchildren? Do you expect to spend the same amount of money when your 65 and 85?

If you expect to leave a significant inheritance – how can that money be spent, would you rather leave your heirs a lifetime “pension” that can pass on for generations, can some of your goals be accomplished during your lifetime?

Understanding our clients as much more than just financial accounts allows us to better craft strategies to accomplish more than the generic goal of retiring or protecting their family.

Do You Have the Right Advisor?

If you can’t answer yes to all these questions please give us a call:

Do you meet with your advisor at semi-annually, or at least as often as you like?

Is your advisor close to your age, do you know his/her succession plan?

Do you have an “investment policy statement”?

Is your advisor a fiduciary?

Does your advisor return your calls or emails in a prompt manner?

These questions are all very important to your financial well-being now and in the future. A one-one meeting with one of our advisors can help explain to you why each of these factors are important to consider when working with a financial advisor.

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