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Our Process

At Thomas Financial we think every client has a unique experience and life journey. We believe wealth management should be looked at from your perspective through thoughtful and distinctive planning. Our experienced group of advisors uses a team approach to designing a specific plan that meets each client’s needs. With a diverse group of planners and analysts, each member of our team has something to contribute to a client’s plan.

Our process generally begins through a favorable introduction from a friend, colleague or another professional such as an attorney or accountant. From there we begin working to identify each client’s outlook on how they approach life, money, and family. The objective of wealth management is not always about money but what money can do to support important, integral goals concerning each client. We believe financial assets should be looked at as a tool to provide financial freedom. This financial freedom will allow client’s to prioritize what’s really important in life. These goals can include retirement income, capital preservation, philanthropic endeavors, or a number of other objectives. Some questions we like to have clients think about as part of our engagement are below.

Wealth perspective questions

  • If you were to look three years into the future, what needs to happen during those years for you to be successful?
  • What principles guide your investment philosophy?
  • Have you ever thought about how much money is enough for you?
  • Do you have a plan with the goal to help ensure retirement income covers current living expenses?

Once we recognize an appropriate approach to each client’s assets we build an “Investor Policy Statement” (IPS) which becomes the keystone of our engagement. This document will constitute client’s wishes and expectations, as well as determine the accountability between advisor and client. The IPS will also govern investor fees, risk tolerance, asset allocation and any other important specifics. Since each client has a different perspective this policy statement will be unique and reviewed on an annual basis to ensure accuracy and suitability.

After we have agreed to engage and the investor policy statement has been signed, we will begin the transfer of assets and implementation of the wealth management plan. Thomas Financial will monitor the investments and we will begin to meet on a regular basis, typically quarterly, to review account performance, asset allocation and other areas of financial interest such as estate and insurance planning. As the client relationship develops clients may want to focus on specific areas of importance and meet on a more or less frequent basis. Phone, Skype, email, internet (our website), and face to face meetings are all used to maintain proper communication.

As a client you will have access to our quarterly workshops on various important topics such as social security, Medicare, college planning, and other areas of interest. Our quarterly newsletter and monthly reports on the market will be regularly distributed via email or mail and will also be accessible on our website. Our social media outlets such as facebook and twitter can also be used for frequent market updates and information. The website can be a great resource through video and written updates that will include an archived blog on specific applicable financial topics. We will also have an annual “client appreciation event” for all clients to express our thanks for being part of our team. This event will include a variety of different activities, prizes and an all around good time.

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