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Legacy Planning

Creating a legacy can mean different things to different people. For some of our clients it means financially protecting a spouse or children, for others ensuring that their business lasts beyond retirement, and yet for others it can mean creating a legacy by doing some good for a worthy cause. We make a living by what we earn, but we leave a legacy by what we leave behind. Many of our clients have been blessed with the ability to earn money, care enough, and leave a meaningful financial legacy. We can help shape the future in a meaningful and positive way. For over 30 years we have strived to create financial plans to pursue those goals and we expect to do so for the next 30 years or more. With planning tools, investment and insurance vehicles the positive impact we have tried to help our clients make can be very rewarding for our clients, their loved ones, the culture and our community. To know that a lifetime of hard work and attention to details can create value for others for decades is possible and likely gives meaning and purpose for our efforts.


With the financial difficulties our children face sometimes it becomes important to create some financial independent for them. The current economic environment makes it more difficult to achieve financial independence for our children. With very few companies offering pensions, few with matching 401K plans and concern over the financial capabilities of Social Security and Medicare our children and grandchildren’s financial future face could be perilous. Besides that divorce, litigation and poor financial stewardship is also a risk. We can help and we have helped our clients and their families through the years with these factors in mind.


Many of our clients are Business Owners or have been Business Owners. A successful business is like a piece of art. The beauty and the value are nearly priceless. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy and do immeasurable good. We find most of our business owner clients have nearly as much attachment to their businesses and employees as their families. We have worked with them for over 30 years: Helping them with employee retention plans, retirement plans and continuity and transition planning. It has been exciting for us to work with many dynamic entrepreneurs in the community. Being a Business owner is often a solitary role; our council to them has been of great value and an honor for us.


The other form of Legacy Planning goes beyond our families and businesses but is to our community as a whole. With our careful and professional advice the possibilities of leaving a legacy to charity with the goal to reduce taxes is an area of great focus four our team. We believe life is more about giving than it is about taking. The satisfaction of leaving the world better off because you were born could be the best reward of all.

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