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The starting point to our investment management approach is first to assess risk and objectives utilizing our “Investor Policy Statement”. Once we have developed an individualized approach to investment management we can begin building the overall investment portfolio. Each client has unique risks and objectives therefore the investment policy statement will guide us into an efficient allocation employ some or all of the strategies below.


Historically the stock market has been a hedge against inflation. We believe clients looking to accumulate assets for retirement or other needs should have a portion of their assets in equity based investments. Our firm manages a number of portfolios with a focus on growth and total return. We have a process for evaluating individual securities utilizing discounted projected cash flow valuations, in-house screening processes, and third party research.

As clients transition from the accumulation phase of their life to the distribution phase, receiving sustainable income becomes much more important. Our income solutions are designed to help clients with the goal of making their income last far into the future.

Tax Reduction:
There are a number of solutions available to investors to accumulate and distribute assets in a tax efficient way. When used effectively, these solutions can provide clients with a more efficient and potentially higher after-tax return on their investments as compared to a similar portfolio not managed for tax efficiency.

Capital Preservation:
Whether the volatility of the market makes you uneasy or the benefits of taking on additional risks don’t match the rewards, there is a solution for you. Different investment and insurance options are available for clients who prefer not to have assets invested in the stock market.

For a more detailed description on how these solutions can work for you please contact us.

*Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment stratagy ca guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Individual situations will vary. Please seek a qualified professional for individual advice.

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