Emotions and Investing:  Participation Trophies

By Joe Thomas, CFA

Emotions and Investing: The risk of not taking enough risk

By:  Joe Thomas, CFA

Emotions and Investing: Gauging your investment plan

By:  Joseph Thomas, CFA

I lease my cars for a reason, I know nothing about cars and I don’t want to worry about something going wrong. The first two or three years of owning a car are mostly worry free, no big needs for replacement or worrying about stalling out in the middle of the road.

Emotions & Investing: The Psychology of Investors

By:  Joseph Thomas, CFA

Emotions and Investing: Say Good-bye to the 0-2 teams

By: Joseph Thomas, CFA

Emotions and Investing: the Myth of Passive Investing and why it doesn’t really matter

By: Joseph Thomas, CFA

The debate rages on, should you be using active management or passive management? For all the time and all the press this gets it’s really quite a silly debate. One of the most common benchmarks for passive investing is the S&P 500; the idea that this is a “passive” index is a myth.

Emotions and Investing: Financial Success in the Real World

By:  Joseph Thomas, CFA

Emotions and Investing - Skydiving!

This is the first blog of our new series “Emotions and Investing”, I am hoping you enjoy it, it will provide some insight to how we all think and how we can be better investors.

Financial Fitness

As the New Years rolls around many of us begin to make our “Resolutions” for 2017.  According to tracked data, Losing Weight/Getting Healthy is by far the most common New Year’s Resolution each and every year accounting for about 22% of resolutions.  Many people will buy a new gym membership; starting using that gym membership they’ve been paying for but not us

Emotions And Investing

Unless you’re a robot, it’s nearly impossible to take emotions out of investing.  When we talk about emotions and investing it is usually taken from the context of the negative, IE selling at the wrong time.  Well this is more than likely the biggest issue that faces us today, as the market crash still remains fresh in people’s minds; it is not the only emotional bia

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