Emotions and Investing: A Guess is better than nothing

By:  Joe Thomas, CFA

"Feel like you can’t proceed until you have a bulletproof plan in place? Replace “plan” with “guess” and take it easy. That’s all plans really are anyway: guesses.” - Jason Fried

Emotions and Investing: Managing Ourselves

By: Joe Thomas, CFA

Emotions and Investing:  Participation Trophies

By Joe Thomas, CFA

Emotions and Investing: The risk of not taking enough risk

By:  Joe Thomas, CFA

Emotions and Investing: Gauging your investment plan

By:  Joseph Thomas, CFA

I lease my cars for a reason, I know nothing about cars and I don’t want to worry about something going wrong. The first two or three years of owning a car are mostly worry free, no big needs for replacement or worrying about stalling out in the middle of the road.

Emotions & Investing: The Psychology of Investors

By:  Joseph Thomas, CFA

Emotions and Investing: Say Good-bye to the 0-2 teams

By: Joseph Thomas, CFA

Emotions and Investing: the Myth of Passive Investing and why it doesn’t really matter

By: Joseph Thomas, CFA

The debate rages on, should you be using active management or passive management? For all the time and all the press this gets it’s really quite a silly debate. One of the most common benchmarks for passive investing is the S&P 500; the idea that this is a “passive” index is a myth.

Emotions and Investing: Financial Success in the Real World

By:  Joseph Thomas, CFA

Emotions and Investing - Skydiving!

This is the first blog of our new series “Emotions and Investing”, I am hoping you enjoy it, it will provide some insight to how we all think and how we can be better investors.

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